About Us

Etobicoke License Plate“365 Things To Do In Etobicoke” highlights everything that is great about the city of Etobicoke from fabulous restaurants to great shopping destinations to exclusive events. While we offer paid advertising to local business seeking to attract Etobicoke residents our write-ups are completely unsolicited and are written without compensation. Our website has been highlighted in the Guardian Newspaper and our fanbase keeps multiplying month over month.

Much has changed since our first days at 365Etobicoke.com. We have added an Event Calendar where you can find the latest “happenings” in Etobicoke. Our Gas Prices page highlights local stations offering the cheapest gas to help you get to and from work. Our advertisers enjoy much success with ads being viewed by thousands of local residents seeking out businesses to support. And finally our site layout has been improved to engage our readers with pictures, slideshows, and videos.

If you have a suggestion as to what to include in the list we want to hear about it. Please contact us and let us know what you think of the site or what should be included as one of the 365 things to do in Etobicoke.

Also, be sure to join our fan site on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for even more information and discussions on the latest and greatest events, stores, and restaurants in Etobicoke.

We love Etobicoke and we hope you do too!