365Etobicoke.com in the Media

Etobicoke MediaWe here at “365 Things To Do In Etobicoke” are ecstatic whenever our “little” site gets mentioned in the media and we owe it all to those of you who continue to visit our site, read our tweets, watch our videos, and share those things with your friends. Here are just a few snippets of media mentions our site has received.

Tea at Taxevity Interview with our Founder Richard Robibero

The Tea at Taxevity Interview series are created by Promode Sharma, an actuary who advises on all matters relating to insurance. The interviews focus on insiders in the industry and cover a wide range of topics. 365Etobicoke.com’s founder, Richard Robibero, was invited to participate in interview #100 which made the experience all the more special!

Etobicoke Guardian Article

A reporter at the Etobicoke Guardian came across 365Etobicoke.com and thought it may make a great article. Richard, thinking it was going to be a very minor article somewhere near the back was surprised to learn that it made the first page. We here at “365 Things To Do In Etobicoke” will be forever grateful to the Etobicoke Guardian as our site views exploded in the days following and we’ve never looked back since.

Etobicoke Guardian

When Etobicoke’s Richard Robibero had an idea to create a website featuring 365 things to do in Etobicoke, his friends wondered if there was even 100 items that could be pulled together, he recalled. But Robibero, a long-time Etobicoke resident, is determined to fill out the list, even if it takes years.

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