#207 Metro Marine Modellers

Metro Marine Modellers

The modelling community is an exclusive group of individuals who are passionate about their craft. We’re not talking about runway models here but rather, those who put considerable time and skill into creating and running scaled down versions of larger machinery. In this case we are speaking of Metro Marine Modellers who run many events out of Humber Bay Park East in Etobicoke.

Metro Marine Modellers of Toronto are individuals who have a passion for building and running model craft for sailing. It’s a fascinating hobby as these models sailboats and motor-craft are mostly indistinguishable from their true-life counterparts when looking at the boats through pictures or video. In fact the only time you can tell the model from the real thing is if someone is standing beside it. Building and then sailing your own model can be a rewarding experience as you see the fruits of your labour right there on the water. Even onlookers will stop and take in the sights of these wonderful boats as they sail across the water.

Members of Metro Marine Modellers meet once a month to discuss latest tips, tricks, and sailing techniques (visitors are also welcome to the meetings). Sailing regattas take begin in April at Humber Bay Park East and move West at the beginning of July.

Visit the site if you’re interested in becoming a member. Even if you’re not ready to join the club it is worth a trip down to the bay to see these magnificent craft as the sail the waters of Etobicoke.


Metro Marine Modellers: Where and When in Etobicoke…

WHERE: 100 Humber Bay Park Road East, Etobicoke (see map)
PHONE: Contact Page
WHEN: Various dates throughout the year.
WEBSITE: www.metromarine.org

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