#166 The Oldies Dance LIVE

Oldies Dance Live

No matter how old we get we all have our favourite songs from yesteryear. It could be a song that was on the radio during a special time in your life or a song that takes you back to when you were younger. Then again, maybe they’re just amazing tunes! Experience those great times again at The Oldies Dance LIVE parties happening in Etobicoke!

Just like the songs being played at each event The Oldies Dance LIVE has a bit of history behind it. The 1050 CHUM Oldies Dance was a popular event back in the mid-1980s taking place at the CN Tower and other famous venues. The one and only DJ Wayne revived the parties in the early 2000s at Hollywood on the Queensway, a hall of fame entry on 365Etobicoke.com that sadly has closed it’s doors for good. Now here’s the thing. When you have a great party and the people demand it there’s only one thing to do, keep the good times rolling!

DJ Wayne continues to host The Oldies Dance LIVE parties, which take place once a month at The Moose Lodge Lakeshore. For an $8 cover charge you can experience those great nights again with many of the same people from back in the day and many new people discovering the parties now. Not only that, there are also 50/50 draws, theme nights, and several other surprises from month to month. But at the end of the day, or night in this case, it’s all about the music and the great time you’ll have with the friends you love.

So rather than spending another night at home watching the same old shows on television, grab your partner or a friend and head down to The Oldies Dance LIVE! Too bad these parties are only once a month!

The Oldies Dance LIVE: Where and When in Etobicoke…

WHERE: Check out the website for locations.
WHEN:    Check out the website for dates.
WEBSITE:    www.theoldiesdance.com

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