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Etobicoke Historical Society

Looking around it’s easy to take for granted all the infrastructure, roads, and established communities we have here in Etobicoke. Obviously it wasn’t always like this and if it weren’t for a great organization like the Etobicoke Historical Society we would have a harder time knowing how our great communities came to be.

The Etobicoke Historical Society was created in 1958 out of a need to preserve the early history of the Township of Etobicoke. In a time where everything is captured on video, selfies, and social media it’s easy to forget that much of what we know from back only exists in the form of historic documents, heritage properties, and the memories and stories that have been passed on through generations. It is the organization’s goal to celebrate our rich history and to communicate it to present and future generations. One of our favourite features in the Etobicoke Guardian is reading up on the various stories and landmarks from days past and we look forward to reading these articles weekly. In fact, they were gracious enough to write a few articles for our website which you can find in the menu above under Etobicoke Resources.

The Etobicoke Historical Society is very active in the community and promotes our history though various channels. They publish newsletters, hold history lectures at Montgomery’s Inn, offer historical walking tours, and maintain an archive of Etobicoke’s past. Another invaluable endeavour they take on is for the preservation of historic buildings in and around Etobicoke. Consider becoming an official member today and help preserve Etobicoke’s history. Along with the membership comes a multitude of benefits so please take a few minutes and visit their website.

Some days we wonder what it would have been like living in a time with dirt roads and no shopping malls. Thanks to the Etobicoke Historical Society we can do this through their great work in the preservation and communication of our history.

Etobicoke Historical Society: Where and When…

WHERE:    4709 Dundas Street West, Etobicoke, ON M9A 1A8
WHEN:    Various events throughout the year.
WEBSITE:    www.etobicokehistorical.com

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