#84 Paws on the Shore

Paws on the Shore

Dogs are considered man’s best friend. This statement rings true in the hearts of many so it’s great when an organization like Paws on the Shore seeks to strengthen this bond.

Paws on the Shore is a hiking group for dogs and their owners. The hikes, with all dogs on leashes, provides proper socialization, stimulation and exercise for your pet. We’ve all seen the common scenario with two owners walking their dogs down the street and when they meet, the barking and leach pulls are fierce. The Paws on the Shore dog walks teaches your dog to enjoy the company of other dogs. If you’re a responsible dog owner you’re most likely walking your dog already. However, nothing encourages dog owners to take their dogs out more often than the sight of one, two or three dozen dogs going for their monthly hike. As stated on their website, “all breeds and temperaments are welcome on the hikes, so bring the energetic, excited and the laid back, the shy, nervous and scared, the bullies and the barkers!”

Another important goal for Paws on the Shore is to raise awareness of local animal rescue organizations. Donated prizes are raffled off at the beginning of each hike with the proceeds going to various organizations that help animals. Looking at the organizations that have received donations in the past Paws on the Shore is truly doing great work in this field. Loot bags containing coupons and other great information are also given out at the beginning of each walk.

So visit the Paws on the Shore website, show up at the next hike, and see how much fun your four-legged friend will have. I have a feeling that you’ll have a great time as well. The fact that money is raised for some great animal organization is a huge bonus!

Paws on the Shore: Where and When in Etobicoke…

WHERE: Colonel Sam Smith Park – South-East corner of Lake Shore Boulevard West and Kipling Avenue
Marie Curtis Park – Lakeshore Blvd West and Browns Line (parking lot is off of of 42nd street)
WHEN: Once a month. Check out the event calendar or check the Paws on the Shore website below for walk dates.
WEBSITE: www.pawsontheshore.ca

View Paws on the Shore – Colonel Sam Smith Park in a larger map

View Paws on the Shore – Marie Curtis Park in a larger map

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    • You’re doing mighty good work for animal organizations so “making the list” was an obvious choice. Just wanted people to be aware of what a great event this is.
      Keep up the good work and we’ll be out to shoot some video soon!

  1. Went to my first dog walk on a beautiful, but brisk, Sunday afternoon. I must say that everyone was in good spirits but I’m not sure who enjoyed themselves more. The dogs or their owners?

  2. I always have a great time at Paws in the Park with shelter dogs and my own dog too! You can see a positive mindset in all the dogs when they get into the pack mentality. The walks have great scenery, and everyone is incredibly friendly. Dogs of all breeds and temperaments are welcomed at these walks. Niki puts together great raffles at the beginning of each walk and giveaway bags. I would highly recommend joining in these walks with your dog if you are looking for something fun to do with your pet!

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