#192 Food Truck’N Friday

Food Truck Friday

There is no doubt that the Food Truck movement is gaining steam. The city of Toronto has finally loosened up some of the restrictions and combining that with the hard work of a few the end result is Food Truck’N Friday, right here in Etobicoke!

Food Truck’N Friday takes place on various Fridays, duh, at Bloor Street and Resurrection Road. It is the brainchild of Jay Bellissimo who took an unused parking lot and created an event not only for local condo residents, but everyone in the surrounding areas. We visited on its second night and already the event is growing with more food options, more hightop tables to eat at, and more people! What was particularly great is that every culture and every age group was represented here on this night. People mingling, kids running around, and music playing added to the overall atmosphere. These are the types of events that make our city great!

So what about the food trucks? On this day you had your choice between Cajun, Caribbean, Latin, Argentine, Mexican, Halal, and Italian cuisines. Of course we also have our staples such as burgers, fries, and ice cream. The best part is if you’re coming with friends or family you may want to try a little something from Truck A and a little something else from Truck B. Of course you can find food trucks all across Toronto and at various festivals across the city. However, to have this many trucks in one central location in which you can see what’s available in seconds and maybe try out the truck with a shorter lineup is a treat. We have no doubt that Food Truck’N Friday will become a must-do event and as long as there’s the space to do it and the people keep coming out, the organizers will keep the event alive!

The old days of just having a choice between the greasy burger truck and the ice cream truck are done. Don’t get me wrong, we still love greasy burgers and ice cream. However, we can now look forward to more variety, exotic, and cultural fare at Food Truck’N Friday in Etobicoke.

Food Truck’N Friday: Where and When in Etobicoke…

WHERE:    Resurrection Road & Bloor Street West (see map below)
WHEN:    Runs on select Fridays 4:30pm to 9:30pm. Next event August 16, 2019.
WEBSITE:    www.torontofoodtrucks.ca

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