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Etobicoke Murals

One thing we don’t do enough of in this age of the Internet and the 500 channel universe is to simply go out and take a walk in our beautiful little city. One area perfect for such an exercise, and one that most Etobicoke residents don’t even know about, is the Village of Murals.

Toronto’s Village of Murals is conveniently located along five blocks of Dundas (between Kipling and Islington) in the center of the Village of Islington. Together with the Heritage Etobicoke Foundation and Toronto Economic Development, The Village of Islington BIA began this project as a way to connect the present local community with its past. The first mural was painted and 2004 and there have been 22 wonderful murals painted to date. The murals themselves are an astonishing 15,000 square feet of pure delight. They fit almost seamlessly in the alleyways and sides of buildings of the area’s restaurants, cafes, and specialty shops and seem as if they have always been there. These skillfully hand painted murals are known as some of the most beautiful murals in all of Toronto. organized tours can be arranged or print out your own self-guided tour brochure here.

Seen them all? I bet you haven’t. New murals are painted yearly and it’s an amazing site to see these works of art come to life. It’s sad to see old murals fade as new ones are painted. But don’t despair, you can view the history and inspiration behind all paintings on the Village of Islington website. Islington’s Village of Murals has also been covered by Global TV!

Do something different today. If the weather’s cooperating take a nice leisurely walk along Dundas, and see some of the finest art murals in Etobicoke and Toronto, in the city’s Village of Murals.

Village of Murals: Where and When in Etobicoke…

WHERE: Dundas Street (between Kipling and Islington)
WHEN: Self-guided walking tours: anytime. Guided walking tours: May – Nov, 416-767-7985
WEBSITE: www.villageofislington.com

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