2011 Provincial Election Candidates and Voting Stations for Etobicoke

Voting Box

This year’s provincial election is too close to call for most major news organizations. The Liberal and PC parties are neck and neck and the NDP are not too far behind. One of this year’s hot button topics is the Greenfield South Power Plant that lies on the Mississauga/Etobicoke border near Sherway Gardens. The Liberals have vowed to scrap the power plant so it’ll be interesting to see if this sways voters in those particular Mississauga ridings. Either way, Etobicoke will play a major role in the 2011 provincial election.

Click here to find your voting station in Etobicoke.

Here are the ridings and 2011 provincial election candidates from the three major political parties running for seats in Etobicoke:


Etobicoke Centre


Etobicoke Lakeshore


Etobicoke North


As a reminder, there are additional parties running in this election.  We should all educate ourselves as to which candidate will serve our interests the best and vote for them. Etobicoke365 wishes all the candidates luck!


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