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Etobicoke Boardgame

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Ever dream about buying The Kingsway, The Old Mill, or another Etobicoke landmark? Well now you can with Etobicoke-Opoly!

Etobicoke-Opoly is a new hit boardgame that shines a light on some of the great things Etobicoke has to offer and it’s flying off the shelves! Created by Canadian owned and operated Outset Media Corp, it plays much like the traditional boardgame except in this version you are able to buy and trade actual Etobicoke landmarks and attractions such as Sherway Gardens, Woodbine Race Track, Etobicoke School of the Arts and more.

It plays much like Monopoly, the world famous and best selling game that inspired it, but has a local twist. Players go around the board picking up Etobicoke properties, collecting rent, and mortgaging locations when needed. Another fun aspect are the “Big Fun” and “Contingency” cards with rewards such as being crowned Miss Etobicoke or penalties such as eating too much at Rib Fest, something that we are all familiar with. City blocks and Keys to the City replace houses and hotels and popular streets such as Royal York and Lake Shore Boulevard replace the old railways. This game screams Etobicoke through and through and we have loved playing it!

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Walmart Canada approached Outset Media with the idea of doing a series of limited edition games for cities across Canada including Toronto, Vancouver, and some smaller cities across our great country. Interestingly enough but no surprise to us who call this place home, the Etobicoke version of the game has been one of the best selling versions and actually sold out its first week in stores. It has been restocked and selling well since then, with more sellouts taking place. If you happen to see it on the shelf, pick it up before it’s too late!

It may be hard to believe but Etobicoke has its own boardgame and why not? Etobicoke is awesome! Etobicoke-Opoly is already destined to be a collectors item so pick up the game online at Walmart.ca or at the Etobicoke Walmart today! Your family and friends will enjoy this game for years to come.

Etobicoke-Opoly: Where in Etobicoke…

WHERE:    Exclusively at Walmart – 165 North Queen Street, Etobicoke, ON M9C 1A7
PHONE:    416-239-7090
WHEN:    Check website below for store hours.
WEBSITE:    www.walmart.ca

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