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Soccer Jerseys

It never fails. Every time there’s a major soccer tournament occurring like the World Cup or the Euro Tournament I start getting phone calls from certain friends who I haven’t heard from in a while. With so many games being televised they suddenly get the urge to play and “want to get a game going”. The problem is that a lot of our equipment usually goes missing between seasons, especially for those want to be “Ronaldo” every four years. Luckily for us in Etobicoke, Free Kick on the Queensway isn’t too far.

Free Kick, formerly known as Soccer Season and located at 850 The Queensway just east of Islington Avenue, has everything the novice or advanced soccer player or fan needs. They have jerseys, sweatshirts, scarves, shoes, and much more. The list just goes on and on. I know what you might be thinking. Why not go to one of the larger box sports stores for your soccer needs? Well for one, you’re not dealing with some pimply faced teen who doesn’t even want to be there, never mind help you find what you’re looking for. The guys at Free Kick know the sport inside and out and can cater to the individual player all the way up to entire teams. Why not show your pride and wear the colours of your country? They sell car flags too!

If you’re looking for new shoes, Toronto FC scarves, or authentic gear of your favourite World Cup team, you can find it at Free Kick on the Queensway in Etobicoke. No diving allowed.

Free Kick: Where and When in Etobicoke…

WHERE:    850 The Queensway, Etobicoke, ON M8Z 1N6
PHONE:    416-642-1433
WHEN:    Mon – Wed: 10am to 7pm, Thu – Fri: 10am to 8pm, Sat: 10am to 6pm, Sun: 12pm to 5pm
WEBSITE:    www.freekicksoccer.ca

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