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Kaji Sushi Etobicoke
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I love sushi. In fact, I discovered sushi about 15 years ago and haven’t looked back since. What I didn’t know is that Etobicoke is home to one of the best sushi restaurants in Toronto and some say the country. That restaurant is Sushi Kaji.

Sushi Kaji, located at 860 The Queensway (East of Islington Avenue) in a very non-descript location, is run by master chef Mitsuhiro Kaji, who opened the restaurant back in 2000. Chef Kaji takes such pride in his dishes that he does not serve the “popular” sushi dish of “California Roll”, it just doesn’t fit. He serves only authentic Japanese dishes and uses the best quality ingredients from Tokyo Bay. This is not your typical sushi restaurant where you rush in for a quick bite at lunch and rush off. In fact, Sushi Kaji is only open from 6pm – 9pm, Wednesday to Sunday and reservations are a must. When a restaurant limits its hours as such you know you’re getting something extraordinary.Chef Kaji There are only two tasting courses to choose from the menu at Sushi Kaji. The first is the Waza priced at $100 and the second is the Takumi priced at $120. Each course features an appetizer, sashimi dishes, assorted sushi, a soup or noodle, and finally, dessert. The courses are filling and you will not leave disappointed. Trust me.

Make your reservation for a truly unique and complete dining experience at Sushi Kaji. A sushi restaurant that some believe may be the best in Canada, but located right here in good old Etobicoke.

WHERE: 860 The Queensway (at Islington Ave.), Etobicoke, ON M8Z 1N6, 416-252-2166
WHEN: Wednesday – Sunday, 6pm – 9pm. Reservations required.
WEBSITE: www.sushikaji.com

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