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Walk for Alzheimer's

There is a very good chance that someone you know if affected by Alzheimer’s. Wouldn’t it be great if we can stamp out this unfortunately all-too-common disease one day? Take part in this year’s Walk for Alzheimer’s in Etobicoke and maybe one day we can find a cure.

Walk for Alzheimer’s takes place this year on Saturday June 6th 2015 in 150 communities across Canada, including Etobicoke. By participating in the walk “you send a message of hope to the 747,000 Canadians currently living with dementia, and thousands more who care for them”. Unfortunately this number is rising. As many are living longer the number of people living with some form of dementia is expected to double in less than 20 years. The Alzheimer Society is the “leading nationwide health charity improving the quality of life for Canadians with Alzheimer’s disease and dementias, their caregivers and families”. They raise fund for research to find a cure as well as advocate for legislative change to improve dementia care.

So how can you help? Start by letting everyone you know that you’ll be participating in the walk. Print out donation forms from the website below or better yet, send them to the website to donate directly. Form a team and challenge each other as to who can raise the most and then come down to Etienne Brule Park and walk!

So take part in this year’s Walk for Alzheimer’s in Etobicoke. Show those that are directly affected by dementia that you care.

Walk for Alzheimer’s: Where and When in Etobicoke…

WHERE:    Etienne Brule Park – 13 Crosby Avenue, Etobicoke, ON M6S 2B8
PHONE:    416-322-6560
WHEN:    Saturday June 6th, 2015. 9am-12pm
WEBSITE:    http://support.alzheimer.ca/

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