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1st Lakeshore Scouts

If there’s one thing I’d change about my childhood is that I think I would have wanted to be a scout. The activities that scouts participate in would have appealed to me as a youngster and still do to this very day. If you’re worried that your child will be spending more time online than outdoors than consider signing them up with the 1st Lakeshore Scouts in Etobicoke.

1st Lakeshore Scouts was formed way back in 1919 making it one of the few organizations to last and thrive for close to 100 years. As a member of Scouts Canada, the group runs four youth sections and is run by a group of dedicated volunteers that meet at Seventh Street School in Etobicoke. Scouts Canada is “the country’s leading co-ed, multi-faith, youth organization” bringing “a world of adventure, outdoor experience and friendship to 17 million Canadian youth”.  One of the great things about the First Lakeshore Scouts website is that you can actually track the history of the group from its humble beginnings right up to the present day. It’s a great read!

1st Lakeshore Scouts is comprised of four youth sections: Beaver Scouts (5-7 years), Cub Scouts (8-10 years), Scouts (11-14 years), and Venturer Scouts (15-17 years). Reading up on the activities of each group my initial thinking that it would have appealed to me growing up is an understatement. I would have loved it! Depending on the age group the activities start off as moderate and become more challenging through the years. Nature hikes, tree planting, storytelling, family-based camping are common for the younger set. Older scouts enjoy mountain biking, rock-climbing, extended hikes, and lots of camping. I don’t know any children who wouldn’t enjoy any of the programs being offered.

If you think your child isn’t spending enough time being active or connecting with others in this online world, call the 1st Lakeshore Scouts and consider registering your child. They will love it and thank you as they grow into fine adults with an appreciation for the outdoors.


1st Lakeshore Scouts: Where and When in Etobicoke…

WHERE: Seventh Street Junior Public School, 101 Seventh Street, Etobicoke, ON M8V 3B5
PHONE: 416-884-7275
WHEN: Various events. Contact 1st Lakeshore Scouts for more information.
WEBSITE: www.1stlakeshorescouts.weebly.com

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