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Martingrove Baseball

When watching professional sport players fight over millions of dollars with billionaire team owners it’s easy to lose sight of how much fun it was to play sports as a kid and all the good that came along with it. One of the Etobicoke organizations whose sole goal is to create a safe and fun outlet for competition for our local kids is Martingrove Baseball.

The Martingrove Baseball club has been running for over 50 years and over that time has taught thousands of local kids the importance of teamwork, exercise, and character on and off the field, all through the joys of playing baseball. Affiliated with the Etobicoke Baseball Association (EBA), Martingrove baseball is 100% run on the backs of volunteers which is incredible when you see how professional an organization it is and the fact that over 700 Etobicoke boys and girls play on its various teams every year.

While it may seem strange to talk about baseball when there is snow on the ground and the games haven’t started yet but this is the time when the flurry of activity behind the scenes is at its peak. Registration for the 2013 season has already started online and several in-person registration dates are listed below. The great thing about baseball is that equipment costs are kept to a minimum. Practicing at home involves putting on glove and heading outside. No $1000 pads or ice time required! Registering your children for baseball is very reasonably priced!

The only way Martingrove Baseball is able to provide this fantastic outlet for our kids is through sponsorships. It provides the funds that make the purchase of uniforms, insurance, baseball equipment, umpires, and city permit fees possible. When you sponsor a team your company will be displayed on the backs of each players jerseys, featured on prominently on the Martingrove Baseball website (www.martingrove.ca), and you will receive a plaque and “Proud Sponsor” golf shift in appreciation of your support. Martingrove Baseball is very active in the Etobicoke community as witnessed by their year-end barbecue that is was attended by 1,200 people last year. Speaking as an outsider I can tell you that the local advertising opportunities for your business far outweigh the minimal cost of sponsorship. Sponsor a team or player today!

Martingrove Baseball: Where and When in Etobicoke…

WHERE: 250 Wincott Drive, PO Box 18574, Etobicoke, ON M9R 2R0
WHEN: In-person Registration or Online – See below link.
WEBSITE: www.martingrove.ca

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