#194 WIPEOUTRUN Toronto


Wipeout is a television program that features people with outlandish personalities getting thrown, bumped, and pushed on an obstacle course over water. What makes the show hilarious are the falls that the contestants take while trying to complete the course in the fastest time. If you ever thought “It would be fun to try that!” well now’s your chance during WIPEOUTRUN Toronto.

WIPEOUTRUN Toronto takes place September 12th 2015 at Woodbine Racetrack in Etobicoke. Partnering up with the award winning TV show, WIPEOUTRUN allows you and your friends to race against the same obstacles albeit on a longer 5km course. To clarify, you will not be filmed for the show but you will get to experience the big balls, the Sweeper, Wrecking Balls, Foam Fury, and other well-known obstacles from the show. The fee to participate varies on when you actually register for the event so the earlier you sign up the more economical it is. In addition to being able to race on the course participants will get a t-shirt, official bib, silicone wristbands, temporary tattoo, and bag check. After your race is done stick around for food and refreshments and talk about your most epic wipeouts with your friends. Don’t forget to participate in a group picture as a keepsake of the day’s activities.

So grab your friends and register now for WIPEOUTRUN Toronto. The more you put into the race the greater the WIPEOUT! It’s experiences like these that make up those great stories you get to tell down the road.

WIPEOUTRUN Toronto: Where and When in Etobicoke…

WHERE:    Woodbine Racetrack, 555 Rexdale Boulevard, Etobicoke, ON M9W 5L2
WHEN:    Saturday September 12th 2015
WEBSITE:    www.wipeoutrun.com/toronto/

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