#163 Zombie Dog Walk

Zombie Dog Walk

Let’s face facts, dog owners love their pets. Even as I write this I’m finding it hard to use the word “pet” as many owners would call their dog’s their children. How else can you explain the popularity of events such as the Zombie Dog Walk in Etobicoke?

Zombie Dog Walk is put on by the great people at Paws on the Shore, a hiking group for dogs and their owners. As you can imagine this hike is especially fun and is a little different from the traditional hike. For starters, owners dress up their dogs in the most imaginative of ways. Some of these costumes rival if not surpass some of the great costumes worn by their human counterparts. Although the event is titled “Zombie Dog Walk” it’s not necessary to dress up your dog as a zombie, although prizes will be given out for “Best Zombies” only. Whatever you imagination can conjure up is encouraged. Also, dressing up is not mandatory as some dogs just won’t have it! Dog walkers are also encouraged to dress up and there is no better excuse to dress up before Halloween than the dog hike.

The meetup portion of the Zombie Dog Walk will feature costume prizes along with other surprises. This is a fun and worthwhile event and all across the GTA are welcome. Along with the hikes Paws on the Shore raises money and awareness for local animal rescue organizations, all the more reason to come out and support our fellow animal friends.

Halloween brings out the kid in all of us so why not show our dog friends the same fun we have? The perfect event to do this at is Paws on the Shore’s Zombie Dog Walk in Etobicoke.

Zombie Dog Walk: Where and When in Etobicoke…

WHERE:    Colonel Sam Smith Park – South-East corner of Lake Shore Boulevard West and Kipling Avenue
WHEN:    Sunday October 26, 2014 at 2pm
WEBSITE:    www.pawsontheshore.ca

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