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Aviation World

If you are an aviation fanatic chances are that you already know about Aviation World in Etobicoke. If you don’t know about this great store by the airport then please read on, your collecting efforts are going to become a lot easier.

Aviation World is located at 195 Carlingview Drive just East of Pearson Airport. They have everything, and then some, not only for the aviation enthusiast but actual pilots as well. Looking around the store as you first enter you’ll see that they stock a lot of great merchandise. Not only that but they sell certain items on consignment. What that means is that in any given week you might see that ultra-rare, one of a kind item, that you can’t get anywhere else. Sure you might be able to find stuff on online auction sites but you won’t know if the source is trustworthy or the actual condition of the item. I noticed that many items at Aviation World actual have notes placed right beside it and if not, the knowledgeable staff can definitely help.

So what do they stock at Aviation World? If it’s plane-related it’s probably here. They have models from every era including those that are pre-built, those that you put together yourself, and beautiful diecast versions. They have aviation books based around military, modern era, humour, and children. They have actual industry supplies from flight guides, training material, and GPSs. They have apparel too including jackets, shirts, and watches. For fun you may want to give the on-site flight simulator a go as they have a pretty good setup.

If you’re into planes, or even if you’re not, go check out Aviation World in Etobicoke. You’ll appreciate the vast amount of flight-related items available in-store.

Aviation World: Where and When in Etobicoke…

WHERE:    195 Carlingview Drive, Etobicoke, ON M9W 5E8
PHONE:    416-674-5959
WHEN:    Mon-Sat: 10am to 6pm, Sun: 10am to 5pm
WEBSITE:    www.aviationworld.net

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