#23 Disc Golf at Centennial Park

Disc GOlf

What do you get when you cross the sport of golf with the casual tossing of frisbees at the park? The answer is Disc Golf and there’s a course right here in Etobicoke!

Centennial Park, surrounded by Eglinton, Renforth, and Rathburn, is the mecca for outdoor fun and is also home to one of only two disc golf courses in the GTA. In the sport of disc golf, you use a frisbee or “flying disc” instead of clubs and golf balls and attempt to get it in the mesh “hole” in as few throws as possible. The key difference here is that it is much easier for someone to pick up and play disc golf than the regular golf we are all familiar with. The Centennial Park course is made up of 27 holes and is a par 72. It’s also quite lengthy at roughly 1.4 km. The course is free to play, is open year round, and has also been used for national and international competitions. There is no need to book a tee time. Just show up and play!

Grab some friends or your family, pray for no wind, and head out to Centennial Park in Etobicoke. You will be a golf pro in no time. “Disc” golf pro that is.

Disc Golf at Centennial Park: Where and When in Etobicoke…

WHERE:    Centennial Park, located off of Centennial Park Blvd
PHONE:    311
WHEN:    Anytime
WEBSITE:    www.edgediscgolf.ca

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  1. Hi,

    I am the webmaster for the Etobicoke Disc Golf website(www.edgediscgolf.ca).

    Is it possible to post a link to the website? There are maps, pictures and videos of the course as well as info for upcoming events.



    • Hi,

      I am looking to book a team building exercise for a group of approx 15 people. Can you please email me prices and details regarding booking.

      • Hey there,

        I just spoke to the city of Toronto and they mentioned that even with a large group you do not need a permit to play. Just show up and play.


  2. Hi There, I am a teacher in Mississauga interested in bring a group of students out for a round of disc golf. Years ago, my friends and I used to play all the time. 20+ years ago…remember getting a hole in one on one of the wholes.

    Is there a map available…I see it refered to but struggle to find. Also, we bought our discs at Centenial Cycle but would want to buy some for the group…any suggestions?

    • Hi Joe,

      I recall Canadian Tire have a Disc Golf 3-pack but I’m not sure if they have them anymore. Europe Bound also had discs so you might want to look them up as well.

      Not sure how serious you’d want totake it with your students. “Pro” players use a variety of dsics for different situations (e.g. driving). However, if your students are young normal frisbees will do just fine.


  3. ^ Follow link above for a Google maps I made of the disc course. Use your iPhone or Android with Google maps to figure it out. On android you can use a Google labs measuring tool to figure out the range from your current position to the basket.

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