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HumberLaunch Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of society. They take risks to open up businesses that will hopefully not only benefit their own families, but fill a need for the community as well. Unfortunately many entrepreneurs fail unnecessarily because of a lack of knowledge of a specific business process or just plain old bad advice. HumberLaunch in Etobicoke is here to help those same entrepreneurs succeed.

HumberLaunch, located at 3180 Lakeshore Boulevard West just West of Kipling, serves as a launchpad for entrepreneurs looking to bring their business idea to fruition. It’s mission is to “cultivate innovative ideas into successful business ventures while promoting economic development”. Your typical entrepreneur may have the idea and the enthusiasm to get it off the ground but they don’t always have the resources to carry it out. HumberLaunch provides its members with sound and practical advice, physical resources such as computers and meeting space, programs to develop the required skills, and access to mentors and networking opportunities. These services are offered to Humber Students, alumni, and members of the community.

Unlike many other programs out there HumberLaunch actually provides all of these resources at no cost to the member. However, your idea must be unique, support economic growth, be well-thought out, and you must have the desire to implement it. All members apply, pitch their idea to the committee, and then create the business. It is truly a unique program being offered by Humber and there are several success stories that have come from the program already!

The benefits of HumberLaunch are incalculable for those that have an idea and the drive but not the resources. Contact HumberLaunch today to get started!

HumberLaunch: Where and When in Etobicoke…

WHERE:    3180 Lake Shore Boulevard West, Etobicoke, ON M8V 1L7
PHONE:    416-675-6622 Ext.79250
WHEN:    Mon-Fri: 830am-4pm
WEBSITE:    www.humber.ca/humberlaunch

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