#154 Lakeshore West Music Fest 2015

Lakeshore West Music Fest

Music festivals typically take a while to build a following. The organizer will get a few bands bands to show up and hopefully, through word of mouth, people show up after several years. Lakeshore West Music Fest in Etobicoke has jumped from humble beginnings straight to one of the “must-do” local music events in August.

Lakeshore West Music Fest takes place on Friday August 14th 2015 in Lakeshore Village. This family friendly event allows people to stroll from venue to venue taking in the various musicians performing pop, rock, reggae, blues, and country. The music festival will feature three different free outdoor music presentations this year, one in the west Village, one in the centre village and one in the east Village. The outdoor music will begin at 6pm and end at approximately 9pm.

People coming down to the Lakeshore West Music Fest will not only enjoy the outdoor music stages, they will also experience great restaurants and cafes some of which will be presenting their own musical acts. Various buskers will also dot the landscape entertaining passers by with their unique talents. Raffle tickets with printed walking guide will also be sold at a cost of $2 each and with each ticket attendees can win some excellent prizes such as gift certificates to their favourite store or restaurant.

With all that being said Lakeshore West Music Fest is primarily about the musicians. These local singers and bands are truly talented. Although these musicians want to make it big, first and foremost they are playing for the crowds that have come out to support them. The inaugural event was a huge success so organizers are expecting even bigger things this year.

So come on out to one or all of the venues, fill your heart and soul with music, and support the local artists playing at Lakeshore West Music Fest in Etobicoke.

Lakeshore West Music Fest: Where and When in Etobicoke…

WHERE:    Lakeshore West Music Fest Venues
PHONE:    416-809-6629
WHEN:    Friday August 14th, 2015: 6pm to 9pm
WEBSITE:    www.lakeshorewestmusicfest.ca

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