#47 Colonel Sam Smith Skating Trail

Sam Smith Park Skating Trail

One of the more enjoyable and healthier activities you can participate in during the cold winter months is skating at one of the many outdoor rinks scattered throughout the city. But for a change of pace from the usual counter-clockwise, skate in a circle skating routines we are all familiar with why not try the outdoor Colonel Sam Smith Skating Trail in Etobicoke?

That’s right, Etobicoke is home to Toronto’s first outdoor skating trail! Located at Colonel Sam Smith Park, the new outdoor skating trail opened back in 2010 to much fanfare and excitement. The outdoor trail is 250 metres long and is formed into a unique figure-eight shape. There is an open area that is connected to the trail that provides a spot for those learning how to skate.

Although this outdoor skating trail seems natural with its picturesque views of the lake, it is kept smooth and cool using two 75HP compressors and a dedicated Zamboni. The trail also has a large indoor changeroom with benches and washrooms. Note that there is no skate rental and no lockers. Rink guards are on-hand to keep the horseplay to a minimum and there is also plenty of lighting for night skating and a sound system playing traditional holiday music. There is parking right next to the trail ($1 per 30 minutes but free during specific periods). Just be mindful of parking times.

The outdoor Colonel Sam Smith Skating Trail is a true gem and the only one of its kind in the city, another Etobicoke first! Perfect for families, teens on their first date, or for those just looking to get out of the house during those winter months. Lace up those skates and get your mitts on, I’ll see you on the skating trail.

Colonel Sam Smith Skating Trail: Where and When in Etobicoke…

WHERE: 65 Colonel Sam Smith Park Drive (south of Lake Shore Boulevard West at Kipling Avenue) Etobicoke, ON M8V 3M6
WHEN: Seven days a week, 9am – 10pm
WEBSITE: None available.

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    • Hi Jessica,
      Unfortunately there is no skate rental facility here. However, I thought I heard someone say there is a place on Lakeshore close by where you can rent skates but I don’t know for sure.

  1. […] Originally Posted by caleb This is awesome! How does it work? Are there some sort of cooling-things under it? I'd really like to see Minneapolis get some point-to-point speed skating routes groomed on the lakes and/or next to the bike trails. Yeah, it has cooling pipes below grade (in summer it's part of a regular paved path) and they run a zamboni around it like a regular rink. It's about 250m long in the shape of a figure 8, but it feels natural, it's really neat. Colonel Sam Smith Skating Trail – 365 Things To Do In Etobicoke […]

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