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Unfortunately Embella Party has closed its doors for the last time. We wish the previous owners the best of luck and Embella Party will remain as a hall of fame member having served the Etobicoke community for several years.

There are few things more fun than planning a child’s birthday party. Then why are most people content with the typical pizza party at the local big box party place? It’s probably because most people are unaware that there is another more creative and fun option for your little one. That place is Embella Party in Etobicoke!

Embella Party, located at 647 The Queensway just East of Royal York, is every parent’s dream. Owner Erica Gonçalves gave up her career in the hotel industry to create a business dedicated to making children’s parties special while making parents’ lives easier. Embella Party, an amalgamation of Erica’s two daughters’ names, is not just a party room. There is also a store with thousands of items to create the perfect party. They also hold monthly events aimed at children and their parents.

The Embella Party store offers a wide variety of great party-themed items. One of the funnest things to do when planning a child’s birthday is choosing the items to include in loot bags as gifts for party goers. Many of the items from the store are of high quality that will be cherished by your child’s friends. Wooden toys, yo-yos, activity pads, key-chains, cards, and more! If you’re having the party at home you can pick up supplies such as banners, snack-ware, and even costumes. They also sell many great unique gifts from local artists and designers. And what’s a party without balloons? Embella Party has a great selection of latex and foil themed balloons that will stay afloat for days.Dress Up at Embella Party

Where Embella Party really shines is in the party itself. Unlike the big box party places where they stick you and your kids in one of a dozen rooms, the party space at Embella Party is your child’s space and no one else’s. For that time your child is the star of their own theme party and there are plenty of themes to choose from. The Dress-Up party allows the kids to dress up as princesses, pirates, superheroes, or whatever else they want to be that day. If your child likes to sing then maybe Karaoke is up for order. The Best Ever PJ party encourages the kids to come dressed in their pyjamas and design a pillow case that they can take home afterwards. Beading Parties, Spa Parties, Zumba Parties, and the list goes on. However, if there is something totally different you have in mind for your child’s party Erica will work with you to make it a reality.

On top of all this Embella Party has monthly events for both kids and parents. Sewing workshops for kids, photography classes for parents, Halloween cookie decorating workshops, CPR classes, and lots more.

When it comes time to plan your child’s birthday party give Embella Party in Etobicoke a call. Your child will have a party they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Embella Party: Where and When in Etobicoke…

WHERE:    647 The Queensway, Etobicoke, ON M8Y 1K6
PHONE:    Closed Permanently.
WHEN:    Closed Permanently.
   Closed Permanently.
WEBSITE:    www.embellaparty.com/

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