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Jeff Taylor Photography

In this current digital age where cameras and selfies are everywhere it is great to see when someone’s true talent is translated to their photos. Jeff Taylor of Jeff Taylor Photography loves taking pictures in Etobicoke and his work is getting noticed by more and more people everyday.

Jeff Taylor started in photography as a hobby which soon turned into a passion shortly thereafter. If you’ve seen his photos you’ll realize that he truly enjoys the beginning of the day, when most of us are still asleep. The reason he gives is that “no two beginnings are the same, a photographers paradise”. This time of day also allows him to enjoy the solitude and quietness of nature. His photos have been featured on the Weather Network, Breakfast Television, and shared among various news personalities.

Jeff Taylor’s favourite locations for taking pictures are in and around the shores of Lake Ontario. This stretches from the Humber River to the East and the Etobicoke Creek to the West. Wildlife in the parks of Etobicoke is offered in abundance with some of his photos of coming from Centennial Park, Sam Smith Park, Marie Curtis Park and more. Beavers, muskrats, coyotes, snowy owls, and several bird species have all been the subject of Jeff’s work. If you are interested in purchasing any of Jeff’s photos or are interested in contacting him for other projects including candid pet photography please reach out to him through his email or Facebook page (located at bottom).

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If you have seen a great shot of Etobicoke’s natural beauty recently chances are it was the work of Jeff Taylor Photography.

Jeff Taylor Photography: Where and When in Etobicoke…

WHERE:    Everywhere in Etobicoke.
EMAIL:    [email protected]
WHEN:    Anytime.
WEBSITE:    www.facebook.com/shorelineviews

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