#75 Etobicoke Civic Centre Farmers Market 2019


It seems as if there is a farmers’ market occurring every day in Etobicoke. If it happens to be Saturday, it’s the Etobicoke Civic Centre Farmers Market. And boy is it busy.

The Etobicoke Civic Centre Farmers Market occurs every Saturday from 8am to 2pm running from early June to late October (Jun 1st-Oct 26 2019). What you’ll find are the freshest fruits and vegetables from gigantic peaches to bright red peppers. The word “organic” gets thrown around a lot but everything here just seems to look and taste as if it was picked just days prior. Prices tend to be just a tad more expensive than what you’ll find at a supermarket when they run their specials. But taking a look around it doesn’t seem like anyone is bothered by this. I guess it’s because everything looks so great and buying from the “little guy” seems to make sense.

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There are lineups of ten people deep for fresh eggs with similar lineups for apple fritters dunked in maple syrup. You’ll also find bread stands and meat carts. Parking can be found onsite behind the civic centre or at the park across the street. Bring your own bags to be environmentally sound!

No matter the time of year it is make it a practice to visit at least one of the many farmers market in Etobicoke. Trust me, you’ll miss them during the winter months.

Etobicoke Civic Centre Farmers Market: Where and When…

WHERE:    Etobicoke Civic Centre, 399 The West Mall, Etobicoke, ON M9C 2Y2
WHEN:    Saturdays, 8am – 2pm, June 1 to October 26 2019
WEBSITE:    None available

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  1. Hi there,
    Would you know how to contact the Etobicoke Civic Centre farmer’s market organizer by any chance? I’m looking to set up a stall there. TIA!

  2. Hi Christine,

    The Etobicoke Civic Centre Farmers Market is full for the 2012 season. I spoke to someone in charge and from what they tell me is that there are very few openings each year (if any) as the current vendors usually all return year after year.

    Your best bet is to call John Fultan’s office at 416-394-8527. They’ll tell you where to send an email with your information (e.g. what you’re selling). They usually know in October if they’ll have a spot open.

    Hope that helps!

    • Hi Liliana,
      Unfortunately they do not provide a list of vendors. I can tell you that there is a lot of produce, meats, cheeses, anything you cna think of.

    • Hi Maryann,

      Please call John Fultan’s office at 416-394-8527. They’ll tell you where to send an email with your information (e.g. what you’re selling).


  3. Hello,
    Do they sell fresh cut flowers at the market? I’m new to etobicoke and love to always get my produce and flowers at the market however not sure if that something they do here

    • Short answer is it depends. I’ve seen fresh cut flowers at the market many times as well as at the Sherway Farmers Market. Your best bet is to go and check them out. Good Luck!

  4. When does the Civic Centre market open this year? The main web site says June 1 but since that’s a Sunday, I thought perhaps they would open May 31.


    • Hi Ann,

      The Etobicoke Civic Centre Farmers Market runs June 7th to November 1st this year (2014) on Saturdays.

      The page will be updated shortly. Thanks!!!

  5. Hi,
    My name is Yvonne and I’m contacting you on behalf of the
    Toronto Environmental Alliance
    (TEA). We are a local not-for-profit environmental organization who advocate on behalf of all Torontonians for a green, healthy and equitable city. I am connecting with you in regards to Etobicoke Center Farmers Market that takes place every Saturday. TEA is very interested in attending this event.
    This summer TEA will be taking a part in various community events and festivals throughout the city to connect with residents on environmental issues. This sounds like a great way to further introduce ourselves to the Etobicoke community.

    We would love to participate as an exhibitor. I hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you very much,
    Yvonne Ho
    Community Outreach Intern
    Toronto Environmental Alliance

    • Hi Yvonne, My name is Lisa and I am hosting an event In Etobicoke and was wondering if you’d be interested in setting up a table to promote environmental issues in the community? If so, please contact me at info@whataball.com looking forward to hearing from you.


  6. Hello! Would you know how to contact the Etobicoke Civic Centre farmer’s market organizer by any chance? I’m looking for more information to become a vendor there. TIA!

    • Hi Chris… as the current pandemic leaves us all wondering what events will take place or not we don’t yet know if the farmers market (this one or any of the others in the area) will run in 2021. Stay tuned!

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