#63 James Gardens Park

James Gardens Park

Nothing beats strolling through an Etobicoke park in the summer when the sky is clear and there’s a slight cool breeze. The only thing that could make it better is if it was James Gardens Park.

James Gardens Park is located on the West bank of the Humber River and is an Etobicoke, and Toronto, landmark. Containing numerous flower gardens and pathways, Fred T. James created the garden over a span of 40 years and lived on the property in the coach house which still exists. There’s a reason why you’ll see several wedding groups taking pictures each Saturday within James Gardens, it’s because the place is beautiful (note that professional photographers will need to pay for a permit if taking wedding pictures. Call the City of TOronto for details at 416-392-8188).

There are so many different types of flower beds, each more colourful than the next. The Tommy Thompson Trail runs through James Gardens and the park is also home to lawn bowling (memberships are required) and cross-country skiing (bicycles are not allowed in the gardens). James Gardens is maintained by the City of Toronto and they’ve done a magnificent job over the years. There is plenty of parking on site and although busy on warm weekends, there’s plenty of space to just be by yourself and enjoy nature.

Take the kids or your partner to James Gardens Park and they’ll love it. Better yet, bring your camera and take some gorgeous pictures!

James Gardens Park: Where and When in Etobicoke…

WHERE:    Edenbridge Drive (close to Scarlett Road) Etobicoke, ON M9A 4J5
PHONE:    416-392-8188 (photography permits for weddings)
WHEN:    Daylight hours.
WEBSITE:    James Garden Park

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    • Hi Lilian,

      You should call 311 to be sure. We think it has to do with scope and whether someone is being paid to take pictures, the amount of people, etc. But call the city to check!

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