#17 Toronto Ribfest 2019

Toronto Ribfest

If there is one staple event that Etobicoke can hang its hat on, it’s Toronto Ribfest. Don’t let the name fool you, this event is 100% Etobicoke-certified!

It’s hard to believe that this popular event is only 20 years old based on the huge crowds that it attracts. Toronto Ribfest hosts over 100,000 people over the Canada Day weekend. Hosted by the Rotary Club of Etobicoke, it’s astonishing that the event is run solely on the backs of volunteers. All proceeds from are put back into the community through charitable donations made by the Rotary Club.

For the uninitiated who wonder what Toronto Ribfest entails, well first and foremost it’s all about the Ribbers! Those men and women who come in from across Canada and the US bringing meat to feed the masses. Each year a ribber is crowned people’s favourite so be sure to vote. With 12 different ribbers participating in Toronto Ribfest this year and many other food choices there will be something to eat for everyone. Ribbers for 2018 include:


• Billy Bones BBQ
• Camp 31 BBQ
• Crabby’s BBQ
• Gator BBQ
• Hawgs Gone Wild
• Jack on the Bone BBQ
• Memphis Blazin BBQ
• Silver Bullet BBQ
• Sticky Fingers BBQ
• Texas Rangers BBQ
• The Hogfather BBQ
• Uncle Sam’s BBQ

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If you’re not a rib-kind-of-person there are plenty of other things to indulge in from 20-plus food vendors such as pulled pork sandwiches, blooming onions, and kettle corn. There’s also beer. B-E-E-R! toronto ribfestEntertainment-wise the main stage features musical acts for the entire four day event. Bring the kids too because there are games and rides-a-plenty in the Kidz Zone. Toronto Ribfest also features vendors selling all sorts of wares. Don’t forget the fireworks at 10pm on Canada Day, July 1st. Parking is free!

Basically, Toronto Ribfest is the perfect event! You have great “eats”, games and rides for the kids, musical guests, great weather, and RIBS! If you haven’t been I suggest you don’t miss it. And if you have been, well, then I know I’ll see you at this year’s Toronto Ribfest, in Etobicoke!

Toronto Ribfest: Where and When in Etobicoke…

WHERE: 256 Centennial Park Road Etobicoke, ON M9C 5N3
WHEN: Canada Day Weekend, Friday June 28 2019: 3pm to 10pm, Saturday June 29 to Monday July 1 2018: 11am to 10pm
WEBSITE: www.torontoribfest.com

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    • Hi Ken,
      Closest location for parking is off of Renforth. You’ll see a big sign. It’ll be slow to get to your spot but it will be the closest!


    • Hi Raph,
      Dogs are not allowed but there’s a dog-sitting fenced in area right outside the grounds. Super-convenient!

    • Hy Cyn,
      There are all kinds of rides. Most are for the younger set but there were a few rides that I wouldn’t mind going on!

    • Hi Jessa,

      The answer is “it depends”. You can get fries for a few bucks to a rack of ribs for $23. Rides also vary in cost.

      Our strategy has always been to go in a group and share. Half a pulled pork sandwich here, half a rack there, some fries, a bit of blooming onion.

      We’ve been going since the beginning!

  1. I was last night at Ribfest at Centennial Park, Etobicoke. I founded to be a very loud and EXPENSIVE place. $25 per full rack (basically 10 ribs), $13 per half rack, $8 per a chicken drumstick (they call it a 1/4 chicken), $8 a beer can…Totally shame!!!

    • Hi Pat,

      No need to bring chairs for entertainment as they have thousands for the masses. It can get busy but we’ve never had a problem getting chairs.

  2. Long line ups for everything except the $8 beer. Nowhere to sit. The worst ribs ever in my life. I thought I was going to lose a tooth they were so tough. Good fireworks. Will never attend again.

  3. I heard Mark Steele is performing can you tell me which day, time and location at the park. Amazing entertainer, don’t want to miss this fun. Good food and great entertainment at Ribfest !!

  4. Absolutely love RIB FEST , been going for many years .
    Lots of entertainment , and a great way to discover some bands you may not even know .
    Here’s hoping for good weather .
    Aside from the wonderful ribs , I do look forward to that expensive blooming onion !
    Its up to you all to make the most of this big Canada celebration , lots of fun and great for the children also .

  5. Is there a fee to enter the ribfest? The main page said that you’re charging $2.00 at the gate??!? To enter and buy ribs?

    • Hi Megan,

      It’s a $2 donation used to help kids charities. You don’t have to pay the $2 if you don’t want to but it’s all for a good cause.


  6. i have been going since beginning and love it!! Just this weather has really hurt event this year. If you prefer they go to square one this month too!! The price is a bit high but lots of fun for all.. Love the vendor tables..

    • Thanks Debbie.

      We love it too! Our thoughts are that the prices are in line with any other festival held here in Toronto. The difference being that the proceeds go to help many charities at home and abroad. To read more about what the Rotary Club of Etobicoke does visit http://www.rotaryetobicoke.org/


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