#6 Tom’s Dairy Freeze


Drive by Tom’s Dairy Freeze on a warm summer night and you’ll see a lineup 10 or 20 people deep. It’s not because they’re trying to find a place they can sit with the family and take advantage of the air conditioning (truth be told you won’t be able to fit more than a couple of people inside anyway). It’s because they are lining up for the best soft serve ice cream in Etobicoke and dare I say it, Toronto.

Tom’s Dairy Freeze, located at 630 The Queensway, is an ice cream lover’s dream. I used to think that Dairy Queen had the best ice cream but that’s before I discovered Tom’s Dairy Freeze. I don’t know when they set up shop there but it looks like it’s been there forever. If there was no one working inside and if there was no lineup you’d think that the place was run down or some relic from the past. Personally, I’m glad they haven’t gone the route of renovating and updating the place. The world is your oyster here. Try the large hot fudge Sunday or the banana split and you will not be disappointed. Personally? I just love the medium-sized ice cream cone. They also have traditional fare such as hamburgers, hot dogs and fries is you are so inclined. And yes, it’s all delicious.

If you find yourself craving an ice cream this summer do yourself a favour and stop by Tom’s Dairy Freeze for a trip back in time and the city’s best ice cream.

WHERE: 630 The Queensway Etobicoke, ON M8Y 1K4, 416-259-1846
WHEN: Call for hours. Only open during the warmer months.
WEBSITE: www.tomsdairyfreeze.ca

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